I wan to paint your dream mural!

Whimsical, Architectural, Realistic, Cartoon Professional Mural Design.

Price is calculated by complexity and square foot:

-Low detail $4.50 per sq. ft.         -Medium detail $5.50 per sq. ft            -High detail $6.50 per sq. ft

$25 design fee will produce a 8.4 x 11in. colored drawing the client would keep, even if deciding not to continue with the project.  Estimates include all materials.  Walls should be smooth, and prepared.  If you wold like a fresh coat of paint on wall include $1 per square foot.  Traveling costs will be charged outside of Lander WY.


Comercial Space
20x15 medium
Aiden's dream room
Medium detail
Aiden's dream room
low detail
Dream Room for Aiden
Fresh coat of white paint $1 per foot (9x18).
Medium Detail (3x18)
Jungle wall to hide a door
High Detail 9x3.5
Willow's Wall
High Detail 4x18
Isa's Tree
Low detail 8x4
Ellie's golden room
Medium detail 9x8 and
Ellie's loft of swirls
Medium detail 7x10
Asha's Butterfly
High Detail 4x7
Eva's Hungry Caterpiller
Medium detail 3x12
Charley's whimsical room
Medium detail 4x10
Willow's African Jungle
This is medium detail 9x10
Sage's Unicorn
This is a high detail 8x7
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