Sign up/Pay & Prices for Painting Socials

Whet Palette Paint Fundraiser for Dean Lane at El Sol in Lander.  

Put on hold. Stay tune for date

wolf painting
Whet Palette Painting Fundraiser for  Natalie Mitchell  January 11th, 7pm. $40

All Prices are shown as per Person - Minimum of 10 people in a class

Cookies and Canvas 11x14 ($15) are socials for kids between the ages of 4-17. (milk and cookies add $5 per person)

Whet Cookie 11x14($15) or 18x24($35) are socials for kids and adults. (mimosa's/strawberries or milk and cookies add $5 per person)

Whet Palette 11x14 ($15) or 18x24 ($35) are socials for 18 and older (2 glasses of wine & light appetizers add $5 per person)

Where to have your Private Painting Social

Class sites can be free or have additional charges: private dwelling(Free), City Park($25 fee), Bhava Shala($120 fee),  Union Bar in Hudson, El Sol, Tony's Pizza, Coulter Loft (free as long as folks buy food and drink during event).  All socials have an option for us to provide milk and cookies/wine and appetizers (see above) .

 I am happy to work with you for your ideal price and event.  I also love to work with fundraisers and and can give you a rate that will make you loads of $$.  But if you don't ask you will never know.